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Why join us?

You will develop your ability to build new perspectives, policies, and practices in the fields of migration, asylum, integration and discrimination.

Unique approach

MMS is the first Master’s specialization in Migration Studies in France to be taught entirely in English. It is also one of the rare courses in Europe that addresses migration and ethnic issues from both a disciplinary an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing extensively on law, social sciences and political studies. Students can choose this specialization in Migration Studies within 3 different Master’s programs – international and European law, political sciences or social sciences – while also being trained in interdisciplinary approaches.

Career opportunities

Your training will prepare you for broad range of possible careers in NGOs and international organizations, local and national governments, the private sector or in academia. The master’s specialization in Migration Studies has a large network of partnerships that it draws on for research and internship placements, and this facilitates students’ integration into the professional sphere.

Experts on migration

You will be trained by scholars and professionals who specialize in migration and ethnic issues. Each year internationally renowned professors and migration experts are also invited to take part to teaching. One of our related research centers, URMIS, is linked to the Migrations Convergences Institute, which is the most important research network on migration issues in France.

International focus

In addition to studying with students and professors from all over the world, you will have the opportunity to complete periods of study or internships in Europe or Africa thanks to the international partnerships of the Migration Studies specialization. You will gain awareness of cultural diversity and of national differences in approaching migration-related issues.

Research skills

You will develop a critical, scientific and evidence-based approach to issues that are widely discussed in public debates. You will learn to use primary and secondary sources, conduct fieldwork, and draw on databases and archives to study the phenomena surrounding migration, asylum, integration, racism and discrimination.

Studying in Nice

Université Côte d’Azur won a prestigious “IDEX” award from the French government in 2016, placing it among the top 10 world-class universities in France. As a student in Nice, you will be able to benefit from the beautiful natural environment and the international, cosmopolitan nature of the city, as well as experiencing the local impact of migrations first-hand.


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Latest news from the Master’s specialization in Migration Studies and from our three related research centers, ERMES, LADIE, and URMIS.

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